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Rethinking Remanufacturing and Supply Chain Services - A Single-Source Solution
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Remanufacturing & Supply Chain Services:
A Single Source Solution

Industry Leader in Remanufacturing

PRC Industries is a complete third party end-to-end single source solution for managing consumer returns. Our process allows your business to focus on your core competencies, while we concentrate on maximizing the return to market value from your product returns. It is the ultimate form of product recycling. We have developed a set of remanufacturing processes from screening each return for defects, damage, cosmetics, functional testing, cleaning, and re-packaging. For over two decades, PRC has been servicing world leading consumer brands, manufacturers, retailers and e-tailers.

Nationwide Facility Footprint

PRC is a nationwide company with operational facilities across the U.S. & Canada offering 2 million sq. ft. for remanufacturing and supply chain services. PRC analyzes customer data and recommends the facilities that are most cost effective and customer convenient for your business that will reduce freight cost, increase speed to market, and improve customer service.

State of the Art Technology

PRC’s processes are supported by our proprietary ERP application called TRACS 2.0™. Each item is serialized upon receipt and tracked step-by-step along the supply chain process. PRC maintains state of the art software solutions that are the most cost effective in the industry.

Supply Chain Services

PRC provides forward and reverse logistics, inventory management services with automated warehouses. Our single source supply chain solution is supported by a leading inventory management software that contains comprehensive web enabled inventory and tracking capabilities.

Maximize Return to Market & Environmental Standards Leader

PRC’s process is designed to maximize the return of products to market. The entire process is accomplished with the highest level of parts recovery possible, resulting in superior returns for our customers and, consequently, a reduction in recycled items, maintaining the highest environmental standards in the industry.

Engineering Support

PRC’s team of engineers assists customers in product failure and root cause analysis on either pre-launch or after-market introduction and provides closed loop results orientated feedback on product improvement. We apply lean manufacturing principles and follow 5S and six Sigma protocols.

3PL Logistics Services & Call Center

PRC provides a full range of 3PL services both forward, reverse, kitting & assembly, returns management, and completes e-commerce or regular fulfillment. These services are supported by a dedicated call center with trained operators.

Product Remarketing

PRC has gained access to a large network of retail and e-tail outlets and can assist in generating sales that do not conflict with existing first market channels.