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Rethinking Remanufacturing and Supply Chain Services - A Single-Source Solution
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Remanufacturing Services For Manufacturers And Retailers


PRC can receive shipments of returned merchandise directly from your retail channels. To organize what is typically a chaotic task, we've developed an advanced, computerized information system designed to record, track, sort, and store all of items we receive. The system, called, TRACS™2.0 has the ability to:

  • Collect all necessary data including model designations, serial numbers, date codes, etc
  • Issue timely credits to your retailers
  • Gain secure access and data exchange to the client's system or our systems to provide real time exchange of information
  • Quantify levels of returns for production planning, using other variables such as, production lot size, shipment size, etc.


Our rigorous proprietary remanufacturing, reprocessing and recycling processes are utilized on all our customers' products by our factory trained technicians, followed by a strict schedule of final inspections and testing with quality levels set to exceed manufacturers' specifications, consistently producing products often "compared to new." The facilities and remanufacturing procedures exceed the stringent standard for both the US and Canadian UL listing and approval requirements.

  • PRC will remanufacture product to each client's specific requirements or, upon request, to industry standards.
  • PRC Engineering and Quality services offers post-market root cause analysis with corrective and preventive actions to reduce returns.
  • PRC also offers pre-market design and analysis services for manufacturing to reduce returns and improve reliability.


Whenever manufacturers and retailers do not require full remanufacturing, they are often faced with the task of reworking or re-packaging products. Changes in marketing efforts, alterations to product specifications, component add-on’s, new product codes are just a few examples of our services. Due to our experience and extensive resources we have the flexibility to undertake complex product repackaging programs even under the most demanding time-frames.

  • Rework projects for seasonal, short run or high volume builds
  • Bar coding labelling and re-labelling
  • Repackaging into new cartons
  • Remedy compliance issues
  • A considerable amount of product returns, specifically with e-retailers, comes from shipping damage. Many products have packaging designed for retail store shelves and not for express delivery.

PRC offers packaging design services for a fee that includes ISTA approved drop test certification.


While clients retain ownership of their product throughout the remanufacturing cycle, PRC can warehouse all of their finished items awaiting shipment.

PRC's integrated fulfillment solutions include:

  • Individual order picking
  • Distribution of sales materials
  • Regionalized returns processing
  • Customized services
  • Small package shipping and consolidation.

Once the client has arranged for shipment, the items can be dropped directly from PRC to the buyer. All PRC warehouses are fully licensed, and our system is fully capable of handling:

  • Truckload, LTL, and Small Parcel Shipments
  • Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Pick and Pack
  • Any and all other customer requirements


In the process of demanufacturing consumer returns, there are often valuable and reusable raw materials that can be identified and reclaimed. There are markets for precious metals such as gold, copper, aluminum and steel. These can be processed and reused, reducing waste and defraying your cost for recycling. All components that cannot be remanufactured or recovered are removed from unit and recycled. We have four levels of recycling that reduce waste and deliver the ultimate green solution.

By-products of remanufacturing are all recovered which includes all the packaging materials.
Products unfit or not viable for reman but still forced through the return channel are demanufactured into separate entities and recycled further.

Cannibalized parts and components are used as replacement parts, minimizing costs and time delays.
Recycling and Recovery of parts, wires, metals, and plastics involves demanufacturing and recycling to minimize landfill exposure.

E-Recycling and Recovery

PRC ideology is reflected in our desire to keep products out of the nation's overflowing waste stream. To do this, we recycle hundreds of thousands of products each year. One might even say that remanufacturing is the ultimate method of sustainable recommerce.

We Recycle:

  • Divert materials from our landfills
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce pollution
  • Reuse of materials provides social benefits
  • We make it our priority to to recycle as many component parts as possible from each product that we receive during our remanufacturing process.

However, due to chronic field failures, prohibitive cost, or obsolescence, some clients choose not to remanufacture certain models. If and when PRC receives such a model, we will recycle the raw materials. In addition to keeping tons of materials out of our Nation's overflowing landfills, our recycling programs minimize (sometimes eliminate) our partner's disposal costs.