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Rethinking Remanufacturing and Supply Chain Services - A Single-Source Solution
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Why PRC?

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Over 15 Years of Client Satisfaction

PRC's philosophy to provide our clients with innovative processes and technologies expanding our services to include forward and reverse logistics, remanufacturing of goods, warranty and accommodation orders and direct sales fulfillment. PRC strides for industry superiority by committing its resources and expanding its capabilities to include refurbishment, inventory and distribution management for forward and reverse logistics with 3PL capabilities creating a one source solution for any company selling goods to the US and Canadian markets. We offer a national footprint covering the eastern, central, west coast and Canadian logistics access reducing freight cost and delivering product to market faster.

Our engineering group can provide clients product evaluations and collect crucial data to inform our clients of potential issues and suggested remanufacturing workflows. Providing our client with detailed analysis for products slotted for the remanufacturing process. Our engineering group can also provide our clients with root cause failure analysis or new model analysis detail reporting to our clients.

PRC has taken the position to incorporate automation to maximize efficiency, accuracy of data, and reliability of data collection process. PRC’s commitment to improving the remanufacturing and refurbishment process using the latest technological methods expands beyond the remanufacturing or products. We have taken the initiative to provide additional services such as new product distribution, warranty replacement, return merchandise, include the use and implementation of 3D handheld scanners, latest coding languages and equipment used for PRC remanufacturing processes.

We truly understand that although automation can facilitate the process we have taken the position to retrain our staff best methodology for combining the physical processes along with the data collection without sacrificing performance during the remanufacturing or refurbishment of our client’s products.

PRC has invested funds for the enhancements to improve both the physical and automated processes therefore streamlining UPH and collection of data. The implementation of these enhancements will greatly benefit PRC ability to manage labor and operational cost. PRC clients will also benefits from these enhancements including better analytical data collection for product recovery and failures featured in the screening and inspection process.