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Each and every one of us has to find a way, no matter how seemingly small, to abolish poverty in our community.
- Arthur Krantz

PRC Chairman, Arthur Krantz, founded ‘We Care for Kids’ almost two decades ago. Local, and national, businesses contribute to his efforts to service the community of disadvantaged, needy children, on Long Island. Together with a handful of volunteers, holiday parties, accommodating thousands of youngsters, are the culminations of each year’s work. The grand events are filled with toys and celebration, as well as poignant memories which will last a life time.

Donors are businesses and individuals, which are local and national. These ‘Angels of Industry’ are the life line for We Care for Kids. They collectively enable the charity to fulfill its mission. Events usually accommodate one thousand children, per day, for three to four consecutive days. Even though some four thousand children are reached yearly, there are thousands more who are turned away, due to lack of funding. All donations are welcome.